Someone We Can Relate To

Moses was a great servant of God, but passion for God doesn’t mean immunity from struggles whether we’re talking about Moses, Noah, Esther, David, or anyone else. And there’s no hesitancy on the part of biblical writers to call out mistakes, flaws, or weaknesses of the people they write about and that’s one reason weContinue reading “Someone We Can Relate To”

Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)

There shall be no negotiated peace. That’s what Winston Churchill says in his address to his Outer Cabinet toward the end of the movie, That Darkest Hour. The movie focuses on the tumultuous events of May 20-28, 1940. England and France had previously declared war on Germany in September of ’39 (after their invasion ofContinue reading “Swords Out! (The Darkest Hour)”

Swimming Against The Stream (1)

It’s not unspiritual to talk about sin!  Jesus spoke about sin.  I counted Him using the word thirteen times in Matthew and fifteen times in John.  The apostles of Christ spoke about sin.  In John’s first letter, he mentions sin twenty times. It’s unspiritual to dwell on sin as though that is the only issue the disciple faces, butContinue reading “Swimming Against The Stream (1)”

Jesus Wept

Yvonne wants to know exactly what John meant when he wrote, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35)? This verse is part of John’s account of Jesus raising His friend Lazarus from the dead. This miracle was the final “sign” in John’s highly selective catalogue of miracles that he recorded to lead people to faith and life throughContinue reading “Jesus Wept”