It Just Might Make A Difference

It was pick-up basketball as it was meant to be played. We were dressed in scraggly shorts and shirts that Goodwill wouldn’t want anything to do with. And our play was as ragged as our clothes. But we were having a good time, getting a workout, and blowing off some steam. Craig was one ofContinue reading “It Just Might Make A Difference”

Believes All Things (The Miracle Worker)

Michael Gerson wrote of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” His phrasing is as subtle and nuanced as the offense itself and reminded me of a visit our family made several years ago to Ivy Green, the birthplace and childhood home of Helen Keller. In the summers, William Gibson’s play, The Miracle Worker, is performed atContinue reading “Believes All Things (The Miracle Worker)”

Mrs. McArthur and the Power of Encouragement

An old friend passed away not too long ago. She had quite an impact on my life years ago when I first came to know the Lord. I guess she was the closest thing I had to a “mother in the faith.” I was a bit of a stray back then—in college and living withContinue reading “Mrs. McArthur and the Power of Encouragement”