Where They Should Be

There’s something special about the manner in which the book of Exodus concludes. If you think about it, the Exodus narrative is filled with ups and downs.  It begins with Israel down—down in Egypt, oppressed and enslaved by the pharaohs, their burdens increasing and their babies being put to death.  Then God raises up a man who has himselfContinue reading “Where They Should Be”

Ho Hum or Hallelujah?

When we get to the tabernacle, the priesthood, the sacrificial system, and all of the instructions relative to them; it seems overwhelming and quite strange to our way of thinking. The enormous amount of detail seems tedious while the elaborate ceremonies and rituals are so visceral that they seem hopelessly devoid of anything “spiritual.”  I don’tContinue reading “Ho Hum or Hallelujah?”