The Return Of Jesus? (2)

Understanding that the language being used in Mark 13 is figurative rather than literal clears up a lot of confusion commonly associated with the chapter. It frees us up to move on to an examination of the central points of Jesus message. To set the scene, Mark shows us the disciples in awe over theContinue reading “The Return Of Jesus? (2)”

Something About The Pastoral Letters

The term pastoral letters (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) is a bit of a misnomer. Timothy and Titus were not pastors in the sense in which the N.T. uses the word—that is, they did not limit their work to a single congregation as part of a group of mature men leading the congregation (seeContinue reading “Something About The Pastoral Letters”

2 Peter 3–End of the World? (2)

Peter speaks in 2 Peter 3 of a coming/day of the Lord/day of God where the heavens and earth will be destroyed and replaced by a new heaven and earth. In a previous post, I laid the groundwork for concluding that this day of the Lord is not the return of Jesus at the end of time because the objection from mockersContinue reading “2 Peter 3–End of the World? (2)”