Set Aside

Jesus said in John 10:35 that the Scripture cannot be set aside. What did He mean by these words? It means the Scripture is true. When we examine the biblical witness in the context in which it was written, it is completely authentic, genuine and of absolute veracity. When Christ was confronted by the materialistic Sadducees and theirContinue reading “Set Aside”

Morning Always Comes!

When the psalmist writes in 130:1, “out of the depths I cry to you, Lord;” he is speaking as someone who is utterly overwhelmed by life—and acutely aware of it. He is despondent, despairing, and desperate. He is “where death prevails instead of life as prospect and power” (Mays). He doesn’t need to get inContinue reading “Morning Always Comes!”

Why does God need to be worshiped?

A reader has this comment and question: God looks down upon self worship . . . He looks down upon things being idolized . . . He looks down upon being conceited or putting ones self above others. So, why does he ask us to worship him? Does it not go against every set ofContinue reading “Why does God need to be worshiped?”