911 And Singing On The Steps

For those of you who were around and remember, did your life change significantly because of the events of 911?  Unless you lost a loved one, had someone in the military, or are a first responder, I’m guessing your answer is “no.”  There have been some changes here and there, maybe a greater appreciation of world events,Continue reading “911 And Singing On The Steps”

Worship and a Well

One of the greatest discussions in the Bible about worship takes place at a well in Samaria.  The well was associated with the patriarch Jacob (4:6).  Their discussion causes the woman to question whether Jesus is greater than Jacob (4:12).  This fits right in with one of the features of John’s gospel as he regularly contrasts Jesus withContinue reading “Worship and a Well”

This is where the tribes go up

We all recognize it’s a serious mistake to think that going to church is the biggest or most important part of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Such a view overemphasizes our meetings and tends to trivialize all that takes place outside them. At its absolute worst, it can produce the bankruptContinue reading “This is where the tribes go up”

The Joy of Community

Community is a prominent theme in the Psalms of Ascent. As we’ve noted, the background for these psalms are the pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the three annual feasts. These trips were made in the company of others. It was not only a safe way to travel, it was also spiritually enriching. God’s goodness was experiencedContinue reading “The Joy of Community”