Freedom Of The Fence

I heard a story years ago about a baseball player who was advancing through the minor leagues when something happened that brought his career to a temporary halt.  The problem had nothing to do with his ability—he was a five tool player, meaning he could hit, hit with power, run, field, and throw. His dilemma wasContinue reading “Freedom Of The Fence”


In March of 2007, the United States Postal Service did what I consider to be one of the greatest things they’ve ever done:  they created the Forever Stamp.  The idea behind the stamp was simple yet sublime—create a stamp that could always be used to mail a letter regardless of how many times the postal rates change.  Now this isContinue reading “Forever”

Falling In Love With The Future

I read somewhere that the reason many people fail to embrace positive, constructive change in their lives is because they love the past more than the future. While this can affect anyone I would guess it is especially true for those of us who are fifty and above. It is easy to fall into thisContinue reading “Falling In Love With The Future”

Drinking Or Pouring?

I heard someone relate his grandmother’s wisdom regarding the half full/empty glass.  She said, “People want to know if the glass is half-empty of half-full.  Well, to my way of thinking, it all depends upon whether you’re drinking or pouring!” There’s much in these words for the disciple of Jesus!  If we take our behavioral cues from ourContinue reading “Drinking Or Pouring?”

Changing Our Seat

The cartoon showed an elderly couple at church.  They were standing in the aisle at church, peering down disapprovingly at a couple seated in front of them.  The caption read, “The whole church watched with nervous anticipation as the visitors sat where the Martins have sat for 42 years.” If this brings a smile to your face,Continue reading “Changing Our Seat”

Bridge May Ice In Cold Weather

Bridge may ice in cold weather. That’s what a sign on Interstate 85 says.  Of course, for about 11½ months of the year it’s not relevant, but that’s okay. Everyone understands the seasonal nature of the message. Furthermore, despite the fact that this sign is quite limited in what it applies to, motorists are somehow still able to figure out that theContinue reading “Bridge May Ice In Cold Weather”

Being Truthful With The Truth

With the conventions and election right around the corner, the political season is upon us. Many, but not all, of the candidates will be debating, spinning, equivocating, and spewing statistics faster than we can assimilate them. At times, it will be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.  The sheer volume of information we’re confronted with isContinue reading “Being Truthful With The Truth”

Becoming What You Worship

Some truths you learn along the way: how little you really know when a child starts asking you questions. that you really are unique—just like everyone else.  how having your first child makes you a parent and having your second makes you a  referee. that wasn’t really lightning, it was Google Earth taking a picture. AndContinue reading “Becoming What You Worship”

Because I Can

Years ago there was a scandal involving a public figure.  After everything became public and had been tossed back and forth several times, the offender, having had time to reflect upon their offense, admitted that they did it for the lowest of reasons— because I could. I think they were saying something about power and theContinue reading “Because I Can”