Swimming Against The Stream (2)

Since one of the major gateways to sin is deception (think of Eve and the fruit, Israel wanting a king, Samson pursuing his lusts, etc.), it follows that truth is our first line of defense in dealing with temptation and sin. It enables us to see sin for what it really is and ourselves forContinue reading “Swimming Against The Stream (2)”

Being Truthful With The Truth

With the conventions and election right around the corner, the political season is upon us. Many, but not all, of the candidates will be debating, spinning, equivocating, and spewing statistics faster than we can assimilate them. At times, it will be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.  The sheer volume of information we’re confronted with isContinue reading “Being Truthful With The Truth”

Matthew, The Scripture, And Jesus

Matthew has some important things to say in the early chapters of his gospel regarding Scripture and God.  In chapter 2, he tells the familiar story of the Magi who have been following a star in search of “the One who has born the King of the Jews,” (v. 2).  There’s much we don’t know—how did they know to followContinue reading “Matthew, The Scripture, And Jesus”